Celebrating My B-Day Early…


Today, a couple of friends/co-workers treated me out to lunch.  We had a fun time.  One of them brought me a birthday cake.



Nice cake.  It is devil’s food cake underneath all that delicious frosting.  I am about to cut me another slice.  We had some at the restaurant.

Birthday/EarthDay is officially tomorrow (1/26).  My earth age will be 42.

This makes me happy because it is a sign that Maat is with me – 42 Principles of Maat.  Maat stands for balance and harmony.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Anetch hrak  Maat.  Dua Maat.  Anuk Maat.

Anetch hrak NTR   Dua NTR .  Anuk NTR.

Anetch hrak NTRU.  Dua NTRU.  Anuk NTRU.

Anetch hrak Shepsu.  Dua Shepsu.  Anuk Shepsu.


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